Economics Department

Charles W. Calomiris

Charles W. Calomiris
Senior Deputy Comptroller for Economics

The OCC's Economics Department supports the agency and its mission through bank-specific supervision, current economic analysis, development, analysis, and implementation of policy, and original research to develop and apply quantitative methods in economics and finance.

OCC economists perform both off-site analyses of changing economic conditions, industry trends, and banking conditions, and on-site direct exam support. The department is divided into two functional areas: Economic and Policy Analysis and Risk Analysis.


Meet Our Research Economists

OCC economists conduct original research to evaluate current quantitative methods, techniques, or models being applied in the financial industry; maintain, develop, and expand staff’s expertise in an area to be able to answer current and future banking policy questions related to bank lending, risk exposure, or risk management; and identify and assess emerging trends and risks related to the financial system. Their research spans a broad range of topics. While some of the research is for internal purposes only, a majority of the research is published in peer-reviewed journals and presented at academic, industry, or regulatory conferences.