Genevre Reardon

Financial Economist

Economic & Banking Condition Division

Genevre Reardon is a financial economist in the Economic and Banking Condition Division within the Economics Department at the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC). She joined the OCC in 2016 while completing her PhD in economics.

Before joining EBC, Genevre contributed to research and bank examination work in the market risk analysis division of the OCC. She started in EBC in May 2020 and has been working on NPL research in order to model what impacts NPL rates especially in the context of the recent COVID-19 crisis. Additionally, she has done work on the oil and gas industry. Specifically, she analyzes trends and developments in oil and gas prices, consumption and production amongst other indicators. She also examines developments in the financial conditions of oil and gas firms. Genevre also studies and reports on economic conditions in the OCC Southern district for the snapshot reports published by her group.

Dr. Reardon earned her Ph.D. (2017) and MA (2011) at American University and her B.S. (2009) in finance and international business at McGill University.

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