Ricky Rambharat

Senior Mathematician

Ricky Rambharat is a lead expert in Statistics in the Policy Analysis Division within the Economics Department at the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC). He joined the OCC in 2007 after working as a visiting Statistics faculty member at Duke University.

As part of his support efforts to bank supervision and regulation, Dr. Rambharat has contributed to bank examination work in market risk, compliance risk, and policy analysis. He also served as a key contributor to the revision of sampling methodologies used to assist bank examiners. Additionally, his scholarly research work with colleagues has addressed problems in modeling non-standard time-series, developing valuation methodologies for financial derivative instruments in volatile market environments, modeling and estimation strategies for monitoring compliance risk in anti-money laundering surveillance, and assessing model evaluation approaches for model risk management.  

Currently, he explores natural language processing (textual analysis) methodologies applied to bank supervisory functions at the OCC. Specifically, he studies how to uncover relevant statistical associations utilizing signals in text. He continues to serve as a resource for statistical problems of interest to bank supervisors at the OCC.

Dr. Rambharat earned both Ph.D. (2005) and M.S. (2001) degrees in Statistics from Carnegie Mellon University, and a B.S. (1999) degree in Mathematics from the University of Miami.

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