Community Developments Investments (September 2016)

Housing Financing in Indian Country: Spotlight on HUD's Title VI Program

This Community Developments Investments spotlights the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development's (HUD) Title VI Loan Guarantee (Title VI) Program, which provides an additional source of funding for Indian tribes receiving federal Indian Housing Block Grants for affordable housing activities. This Investments also explains how two banks have used the Title VI program—and how other banks can as well—to provide housing financing in Indian Country.

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Collection: Community Developments Investments

Deputy Comptroller
Barry Wides

Editorial Staff
Ammar Askari
Janet Fix

Design Staff
Victor Battista
Vincent Harris

On the cover
Native American totem pole with photos (from top to bottom) of a construction worker building a home in Eagle Butte, S.D., a home under construction, and newly completed homes on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in Nebraska. (Photos courtesy of the Housing Assistance Council.)

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