Banking the Underbanked Resource Directory

This directory provides useful information and resources to national banks and federal savings associations (collectively, banks) that are interested in providing financial services to underbanked consumers.

The underbanked is a general label describing individuals with little to no bank relationships. The underbanked includes individuals with

  • no bank accounts.
  • bank accounts and who regularly use nontraditional financial institutions such as check cashers and payday lenders.
  • credit profiles that limit their ability to obtain bank credit.

Some banks have identified the underbanked as a separate market segment and are dedicating resources to them. Other banks treat the underbanked as a part of an existing market segment. For example, some banks have created specialized departments to focus on this and similar segments, sometimes referred to as emerging market departments, while others incorporate the underbanked in their existing retail divisions.

The resources in this directory are organized into the following categories:

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